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winter hair care tips

Winter Hair Care Tips

Your Healthy Winter Hair Plan Now that the winter months are upon us and the days are much dryer and colder, it’s time to implement a winter hair care strategy. The lack of moisture in the air can result in frizzy, lifeless hair. However, hair problems can be avoided with ease as long as you implement the right hair care routine. Here are a few steps you should be taking this winter to ensure you maintain healthy, beautiful hair. Static ...View Details

what you need to know before bleaching your hair

What You Need to Know Before Bleaching Your Hair

If you’re thinking about taking the leap and going blonde there are important things to consider before, during, and after the bleaching process. If you treat your hair with care and use the right products you can minimize the damage. To bleach your hair safely and rock those new locks here is what you need to know! You Can’t Go Platinum in a Day! To avoid DIY disasters it is best to leave hair bleaching to the professionals. Your stylist ...View Details

secrets to growing thick healthy hair

Secrets to Growing Thick, Healthy Hair

Have you always been cursed with thin hair, or has your hair started to thin out as you get older? Either way there are things you can do to volumize! More and more men and women are turning to supplements and scalp treatments to give their roots a boost. But can vitamins or supplements help hair grow? There are vitamins and minerals that can increase the health of your hair and scalp, helping you achieve the gorgeous hair ...View Details

EIMI how to long mens style

This hair tutorial shares styling tips for how to get the men's messy hair look for guys! Wella Professionals Guest Artist Chris Coenen uses EIMI Ocean Spritz and EIMI Rugged Texture to create this messy men's hairstyle in just a few easy steps. Rugged texture, scruffy style, and a masculine touch using the best products for men's hair! View Details

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