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EIMI how to long mens style

This hair tutorial shares styling tips for how to get the men's messy hair look for guys! Wella Professionals Guest Artist Chris Coenen uses EIMI Ocean Spritz and EIMI Rugged Texture to create this messy men's hairstyle in just a few easy steps. Rugged texture, scruffy style, and a masculine touch using the best products for men's hair! View Details

Nioxin Night Density Rescue

Night Density Rescue, featuring NIOXYDINE24 is proven to promote hair density* by reducing hair fall associated with scalp surface oxidation. Watch the demonstration video to dscover the antioxidants effects. In 3 months Application tips 1. Use the pipette to take the product out of the bottle.2. Starting in the middle of the head and moving from front to back, use the pipette to divide the hair and release one drop every 2–3 cm.3. Move to the left or right side ...View Details