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how often should you cut your hair

How Often Should You Cut Your Hair?

The first thing you should know is that it’s just a myth that trimming your hair more often will make it grow faster. The general rule for growing longer hair is that you need to extend how often you cut your hair, while still keeping the ends trimmed to keep split ends at bay. Not everyone’s hair grows at the same rate but the average is around half an inch per month. Here is a handy set of guidelines ...View Details

a quick guide to hair dyes

A Quick Guide To Hair Dyes

There are many secrets to getting great looking hair and using hair colour is one of them. With so many options for hair dyes available it is difficult to know where to start. So which type of hair dye should you choose? From permanent natural-looking hair dyes to temporary more drastic looks, there are many easy-to-use colour solutions to give you that look you’ve always wanted. Hair dye tips Bleach and Highlights d Bleach works by removing colour from your hair ...View Details

popular types of hair dryers

Popular Types of Hair Dryers

Hair dryer technology is always discovering new and improved ways of drying hair without damaging it. Hand held dryers traditionally had metal coils inside that heated to produce warm air. However, the metal coils would often become too hot and burn out or cause damage to the hair. Most hair dryers work on the principle that the fan pushes air over the heating element which is then concentrated through a nozzle and onto your hair. The material of your ...View Details

reasons why your hair is dry and brittle

Reasons Why Your Hair is Dry and Brittle

We put our hair through a lot on a daily basis, from using hot styling tools to colouring with harsh chemicals. Even using every day hair products can strip the natural oils from our hair. It’s no wonder it can become frazzled, especially during the dry winter months. Take a look at the following reasons why your hair can become dry and brittle and how you can fix your damaged hair for good! The Weather The extreme cold of winter, ...View Details

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