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hair beauty tips for prom night

Hair Beauty Tips for Prom Night

The prom will be a night you’ll remember for a very long time. After choosing the dress you will want to consider things life ke your hairstyle, makeup and accessories. Whether going with friend or with a date, the prom is your night to shine with your own unique style. These hair beauty tips will help ensure that you look spectacular for your big night! Hairstyle Tips It's best to opt for a classic hairdo that is timeless and age appropriate. ...View Details

tips to get ready for prom on a budget

Tips to Get Ready for Prom on a budget

Going to your prom can be expensive when you add up all of the small details. Being well prepared for your big day will involve everything from styling your outfit and hair to planning your group so it’s important to create a realistic prom budget. Here are things to consider when planning your big day: Your Prom Outfit This is usually considered the most important item so this will probably take up most of your budget. Tell the sales associate to ...View Details

which flat iron should you use for your hair

Which Flat Iron Should You Use For Your Hair?

Are you overwhelmed by the many different hair straighteners out there? New technology in flat irons has done a lot for the health and moisture of your hair. It is the type of product where you should consider spending a bit extra for a professional model. Flat irons can refresh a blowout, make cool waves and straighten unruly locks. Choosing the right flat iron for your hair. Ceramic Flat Irons Ceramic flat irons were the first to enter the high-end straightener ...View Details

how often should you cut your hair

How Often Should You Cut Your Hair?

The first thing you should know is that it’s just a myth that trimming your hair more often will make it grow faster. The general rule for growing longer hair is that you need to extend how often you cut your hair, while still keeping the ends trimmed to keep split ends at bay. Not everyone’s hair grows at the same rate but the average is around half an inch per month. Here is a handy set of guidelines ...View Details

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